Why Invest in Danish Companies?


Today Danish entrepreneurs are experts in innovation and high tech products. Denmark has highly skilled labour combined with a trustworthy business culture.
Often, companies are in the need of business expertise, growth capital and internationalisation.

Denmark is an entrepreneur hub and you can be an excellent bridge to the Global markets.

Danes can be trusted # 1

# 1 in the world in respect of high ethics and business morale 
Source: www.transparency.org/news/feature/corruption_perceptions_index_2016

Denmark as an innovation hub – # 6

Highly skilled and innovative workforce #3
Source: https://www.globalinnovationindex.org/analysis-indicator

Denmark is Creative # 5

And top 10 at Global Technology creation
Source: http://martinprosperity.org/content/the-global-creativity-index-2015/

Facebook, Apple and Google have invested in Denmark

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-denmark-idUSKBN15310F

Denmark has good business environment #6

# 6 in the world at doing business
Source: www.forbes.com/best-countries-for-business/list/

Danish simplicity works # 3

It is the 3th easiest country in the world doing business with
Source: http://doingbusiness.org/data/exploreeconomies/denmark

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