Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

The trusted partners possess very specialized expertise skills. Each partner contributes with a strong toolbox of specific compentencies to “dig in” deep to create a significant impact according to your business’ particular needs.

Each partner thrives with the entrepreneur atmosphere and has – up front – already committed to 5-10 hours free of charge on a monthly basis. This time will be wisely used by EH to pinpoint specific needs. Further, each company can draw on the expertise on an agreed task to an aligned fee. 

They have all been played an active part in Torben Nordal Clausen’s own business journey and have proven to be very valuable contributors to the success achieved. They are truely trusted partners. They operate like a taskforce to be able to move with speed and impact.


Henrik Ibsen,
Finance & Credit

  • Financial models
  • Cash-Flow
  • Risk Management


Tanja Grønning,

  • Executive Search
  • Assessment
  • Talent Management


Majbritt Christensen,
Office & Premises

  • Finding premises
  • Finding the right terms and conditions
  • Ensuring market conformal agreement


Mette Hjørne,
Finance and Business Models

  • Ensure that you work with the best business model
  • Understand and manage the risks in your business
  • Structure your business and your team to success


Christina Pansbo

  • Recruitment strategy and scaling
  • Build and professionalize recruitment processes
  • Local and international sourcing and recruitment including relocation
  • Onboarding


Martin Sponholtz,
Strategic IT

  • Finding the right IT people
  • Using the right technology
  • Big data and payment


Claire Ross-Brown,

  • Creating, building and retaining Clients & Sales.
  • How to structure your Sales strategy using different methods of approaching sales and how to create immediate success.
  • Public speaking and effective communication, including mindset and behaviour.


Flemming Lindeløv

  • Retail industry
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Company Values & Culture


Cagdas Ozan Ates,
International Business Development

  • Scale your business internationally
  • Product development
  • Team Development


Tine Arhøj,
Strategic B2B Branding, Marketing & Communications

  • Strategic communication, content marketing & content creation
  • LinkedIn: strategic networking, branding & lead generation
  • Branding: Corporate, employer and profile branding


Torben Søndergaard,

  • 25 years of hands on sales experience
  • How to do segmentation
  • Go to market strategy

Singapore – Asia

Asger Daugbjerg

  • Business development & Strategy
  • Branding, Marketing Communication
  • Cultural understanding

Singapore – Asia

Seren Varol

  • Capital Raising Advisor
  • Business Development – Financial Products
  • Financial Consultant

South Africa

Joy des Fountain

  • Structuring businesses in Africa
  • Business development and strategy
  • Financial consulting

Monaco & Ukraine

Olga Balaban Sørensen

  • Company set up and tax advising in Monaco and Ukraine
  • Network building
  • Setting up a project
  • Marketing


Merete Neel Sørensen

  • Strategy, planning and communication targeted to the Australian market
  • Advice on Australian government procurement processes
  • Tender preparation expertise
  • Board experience

Greece & Malta

  • Strong local knowledge
  • Network and door opener


Janne Väisänen

  • Manage and mitigate risks
  • Strategy and business development
  • Financial consulting

Spain, Latam & The Netherlands

Gina De Echeona

  • IP Law/ creating intangible assets
  • Corporate intrapreneurship
  • Public Relations
  • Negotiation
  • Story telling

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