Internship: Marketing & Communication

Do you want to take a part in our exciting journey, as an important member of our team? Community Hub is a successful start-up that has a clear vision and you now have the chance to join our journey.  

Together with passionate people we build meaningful communities.

Our communities need to be presented and be presentable – Can you help us build our marketing, communication and branding platform and thereby play a vital role achieving our vision?

We believe this is a unique chance for you to test and gain firsthand experience with marketing, communication and branding. This is an uniquie opportunity for you to be part of building a company. This together with highly experienced people. Sounds like a challenge? Don’t worry we will help, support and coach you in the process.

Our proposal for the internship is a duration of approximately 3-6 months, and start within the next 3 months or to September

What are we looking for?

We need your help to create our marketing, communication and branding materials within our 4 communities. Our vision and values are something we are proud of – and we really want people to know about our Communities. Therefore, your focus will be on branding and building our communities so everyone can get a good feeling about who we are. And they want to become part of our journey…

Qualifications we believe are key

It is important that you have a relevant background/education and/or have flair with marketing, communication and branding. You have excellent Danish writing/speaking skills. It would be great if you have knowledge of graphical tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Experience with social media platforms i.e. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook is also a plus. We also need you to be able to have passion for both small and big tasks. As we are a startup nothing is too small to be done.

Obviously, you are a team person

We hope that you are independent, proactive and dynamic. We believe you should be a natural people-person, who are able to listen and challenge others – a team player. We would like you to see opportunities where others see problems.


We offer some nice stuff as well

Community Hub is a transparent and flat organisation with entrepreneurship at the heart. Professional, passionate and skilled colleagues with years of experience will welcome you. We provide professional support and a dynamic workplace in modern promises in Copenhagen.

About Community Hub

At the moment we are building the following 4 communities

Interested? Or have further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our CEO Torben Nordal Clausen.
Application + your recent grades can be sent to

Contact information: Phone: +45 2029 2911

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