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A unique combination of strategies and tactics that move your business from idea to profit

Entrepreneur Hub is just that: a hub that connects the skills that will help YOU grow your business.  We engage highly skilled people that have done it all before – with success. We draw on our own experience and have developed a unique and proven process that will enable you to secure investments that will move your business forward.

Torben Nordal Clausen is not just an advisor – he is a practitioner. Because he has taken all the steps. His own journey has enabled him to create a unique process addressing all the relevant activities a company – looking for the right investors – needs to embark on. He has teamed up with a selected group of specialists possessing the knowledge and drive to move you forward.

Below you will find the four business areas of Entrepreneur Hub. Dive into them and find out why we are the right choice for an ambitious and driven entrepreneur business with the potential to go all the way.


Quest for Capital speeds up the process and prepares you to meet  relevant investors in a professional manner.


80% of all strategies fail. Work together with us and join the 20% who succeeds with their strategy implementation.


Entrepreneur Hub supports hard working talents that have the skills and the mind-set to go all the way. Would you like to sponsor Entrepreneurs?


Working with the right partners is pivotal to create success. Find out you get access.

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