A clear strategy is a vital for a successful business

Did you know that 80% of all strategies fail? Do you want to find out how you become one of the 20% that succeeds?


We turn visions into reality

Strategy is actually very simple. Still, 80% of all strategies fails. Why is that?

Creating a solid strategy with clear goal-setting is the first step towards a succesful strategy. Poor execution and implementation can often impede converting visions into reality.

Strategy exists at several levels in the company and changes during the development of your business both in relation to reacting to the changes in market, business environment as well as the size and positioning of your business. It is an ongoing process that requires constant attention. Your company needs to develop and maintain its focus and continue to share its vision and direction throughout the company. A company’s purpose, process and people needs constant attention.

EH Strategy helps develop the right strategies for your company – and also how to implement, adapt and anchor them in a sustainable manner.



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