Gain access to investors and close the deal

Quest for capital is a proven process preparing you to meet investors, signing the deal and delivering on agreed targets.


Why work together with Entrepreneur Hub before meeting with the investors?

For many companies preparing for the first meeting with an investor can be a complicated and time consuming challenge. They lack the tools to prepare the process and often the documentation produced does not meet sufficient standards to satisfy professional investors.

Quest for Capital prepares you to meet investors and it will increase your possibilities of funding. The structured process will enhance your business model and ensure an excellent first-hand impression. You will increase the chance of raising capital at better terms because we provide you with proven models speeding up the process. You will be introduced to relevant investors through our vast international network.


What are my benefits?

Your company will get access to a vast amount of value drivers and network as visualised in this figure.



A complete process from preparing for first meeting with investors to delivering on agreed targets after signing the deal

We help you through all three seasons:

Season 1 – we guide you through a number of steps that prepares you for the investor meeting.
Season 2 – the phase where we help you to connect with investors and to raise capital.
Season 3 – begins when capital has been raised. We enter into the role of an advisor and have monthly meetings with you during the first 6 months after capital has been raised. Subsequently, we move to quarterly meetings. Our role is to ensure that the capital raised is spent as agreed and that you meet the targets agreed with the investor.

Season 1

Season 2

Who can apply for Quest for Capital

Not all companies are ready to embark on the Quest for Capital journey. To ensure that we have the best starting point for a collaboration, we have set focus on the following indicators that are important to enter into a cooperation with us:

  • Do you have a market?
  • Do you have customers?
  • Do you have a strong team?

Please contact us and let us look into our opportunities for a partnership.

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