About EH

Built on the ambition to make a difference

Torben Nordal Clausen has an extensive corporate experience. His career has enabled him to take the full journey several times in different companies. The common denominator has always been creating a strong platform while running businesses and business units in an agile entrepreneurial way. His strategic and implementation capabilities combined with his gift to stretch and inspire people has made him a true inspirational and respected leader.

With his accumulated experience and expertise, Torben Nordal Clausen has now decided to invest fully in the entrepreneurial world. In this setting he finds that his heart is really pounding – and he thrives on the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

His dedication today is to fully infuse all his experience into ensuring that the right businesses gain the right opportunities to move to the next level and go all the way.

By engaging highly skilled people who have done it before – with success, Torben has set a team and has an extensive network that makes the journey possible and worthwhile.

The services EH provides include:

  • Strategy and strategy implementation
  • Capital: The Quest for Capital prepares you to meet with potential investors
  • Digital: Building IT platforms
  • Trusted partners: Your link to highly skilled and dedicated professionals

We live by our values of simplicity, fairness, scalability and value creation. These values are fully instilled in every act and action we take.

+25 years of experience with business and investments

Torben Nordal Clausen wants to take entrepreneurs on a growth journey. His ambition is to use the experience and the know-how he has achieved from more than 25 years of working successfully with business development and investments.

It’s about people

Torben not only wants to develop businesses. He wants to help people develop and explore their own potential. With +25 years of leadership experience, Torben has developed a toolbox that enables him to pinpoint your strengths and how to turn your challenges into opportunities. And then he is all about – while working hard – enjoying the journey.

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